PT. Teripta Syandana Karya
Keane Andara
Tangerang, Indonesia
Project Year
January, 2022

This project is an apartment interior project that is used as a "weekend house" by a client who has high mobility at work. This house is inhabited by an independent client who is very busy and often work remotely. For this reason, the client greatly enjoys having a capacious space as a place to rest and unwind. The client wishes to have spacious rooms which is designed with colours that offer a tranquil atmosphere. 

White and brown wood are the primary colours of choice in giving that calm and serene impression. Apart from that, lighting also has an influence in supporting the nuances that will be shown. This apartment unit is quite unique because of its angular layout. The use of rounded corners is one of our ways to give a more flexible impression. We apply this concept not only to the architectural components but also to the interiors we designed. Some of the built-in applications in the interior are created because the client wants a spacious room. Storage cabinets, warehouses, and reading room are built-in to give the impression of a hidden space in the room.