S Factory Facilities

TIES Design & Build
TIES (Sansan)
Salatiga, Indonesia
Project Year
March, 2018

This project located in factory complex, which one of the buildings itself was for dormitory and cafeteria only. We got the opportunity to design and build its interior. Located in suburb area of Central Java, the surrounding of the factory complex itself was still under developed. Not many entertainments and good place to hang out outside the factory complex. For addition, many of the staffs here, were expatriate from overseas and out of town. To make the workers here less home sick, we designed the interior as homey as it could. Most of the material was a light wood texture. For dormitory rooms, we designed two types of finishing to match up the users’ preference. The all wood texture finishing was for the older staffs. The bold combination of navy blue and bright yellowish wood texture, was for younger staffs.