MR House

TIES Design & Build
TIES (Sansan)
Tangerang, Indonesia
Project Year
May, 2019

The house was designed for designer couple who wanted to make their job as part of their daily living. Two functions were programmed in this house, the home office was on the basement floor, the home function on the upper floors. 

Aside from those two functions, the house should accomodate senior’s walking difficulties too, who is none other is the owner’s parent. For solving this problem, ramp was put to replace stairs to connect between floor levels.  Mass of the house was divided into 2 blocks for the home function levels area. The purpose are to separate the gathering space from private space, and made space for greenery and air circulation. To avoid dense and narrow space, because of the more functions and special necessity. We made the house into split level to save the house space from excessive ramp area. 

The complexity of the program and necessity made this house challenging, yet a rich and daring project.