about us

Created in the year of 2015, established at PT. Teripta Syandana Karya in the year of 2017 by Tritya Prasna Dipankara, S. Ars.

TIES Design and Build professionally serves in architecture, interior and construction. We provide design consultation and construction supervision, also both them. Thus, this one stop service is perfect for the convenience solution for modern users.

our values

We believe that both a healthy and aesthetic architectural design could exist together and support one another. In its contribution to society, architecture should be able to accommodate the needs of its users and improve their quality of life. On the other hand, architectural design need to be able to minimize its negative impact on nature. Finding balance between human and nature is quite challenging. For this reason, the role of the architect becomes very essential in creating a healthy architectural environment for not only its users but also nature.

The origin of design in general has always been correlated to the philosophy of aesthetic, as well as architectural design. Beyond its visual representation, our perception of aesthetics is more about the understanding that beauty is not always perfect and flawless. In our opinion, architectural aesthetics are formed over the time with the intervention of human and nature. Stories in which are manifested because of the interaction of human, nature and architecture, create a unique aesthetic value for each and every architectural work.

Providing the best services and solutions to help others by presenting healthy creations and having meaningful narrative is our main goal.


PT. Teripta Syandana Karya


Architecture design consultation

PT. Teripta Syandana Karya


Interior design consultation

PT. Teripta Syandana Karya


Build and construction supervision

our workflow

1. Client Meeting

We meet and learn about your needs characters, style, and your purpose for the design project.

2. Conceptual Design

We hit the book, scour the internet, and more to learn about the reference. We also combine the reference with the design of the client needs.

3. Design Development

We present the concept to you. Explain the rationale behind the concept and why they would be successful.

4. Budget Submission & Feedback

We deliver you budget calculation by the design that we present before. If necessary, the revision will be made to match the client’s budget while still preserving the design concept.

5. Design Revision & Approval

We follow up with a second round of revisions to finalize the project. Then, you can approve the project if you accept the design.

6. Construction Drawing

Once everything is approved, we draw the construction drawing.

7. Shop Drawing & Construction

We draw Shop Drawing to adapt the field condition. Then, start to execute the design into building by our field team based on our timeline and schedule.

8. As- Built Drawing

We draw as-built drawing after finish the construction in field.


PT. Teripta Syandana Karya

Tritya Prasna Dipankara, S. Ars

CEO and Founder

1990 Born in Tangerang
2014 Graduated from University of Pelita Harapan
2014 Intern at Monokroma Architect
2015 Worked at Design Intervension
2015 Established TIES Design and Build
2017 Established TIES Design and Build under company name of PT Teripta Syandana Karya
PT. Teripta Syandana Karya

Sansan S. Ars

Designer and Founder

1990 Born in Medan
2009 Intern at Modernspace Architect
2012 Graduated from University of Pelita Harapan
2012~2014 Worked at Andramatin Architect
2015 Established TIES Design and Build
2017 Established TIES Design and Build under company name of PT Teripta Syandana Karya

our team

  • Vinessa Denise
  • Putri Indah Sari
  • Gilang Budi
  • Leny Indah
  • Neny Sunaryati
  • Suherman
  • Kurnia Rahmat
  • Dendy Nurcahyo
  • Febriana*
  • Natanael Jeffrey*
  • Jessica*
  • Ricki*
  • Emilia Sonia*
  • Stephen Hans*
  • Felicia Prisca*
  • Gracia Chandra*

Notes: *Already resigned

contact us

PT. Teripta Syandana Karya

+62 878-3540-0411